Mission:  We are mountain bikers who build, share and protect inspiring trail experiences

Vision:  To create a world class network of mountain bike trails in the Pikes Peak Region


  • MedWheel comment on horse poop (yes, really)
    A recent Gazette article once again raised the topic of horse, erm, biological waste on trails. It followed a discussion about the topic raised by a member of the TOPS working committee at their last meeting. While this is assuredly not the most urgent issue facing our trails, and the situation surely isn’t as critical […]
  • Ballot issue #1 – 30 word limit
    Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates’ Board of Directors has passed a resolution in support of the Colorado Springs April 2021 city ballot issue #1. Ballot issue #1 removes the 30 word limit on ballot issues related to tax or debt, putting our regulations in line with the rest of the state. MWTA agrees that the 30 […]
  • Med Wheel letter to Manitou Springs City Council about Sheep Mountain
    MWTA statement on the proposal to build sheep mountain trail. If you live in Manitou, or if you visit Manitou and spend money while there, please share your thoughts on this topic with council: email council and OSAC through Planning Staff Member Dylan Becker <dbecker@manitouspringsco.gov> Here is MWTA’s letter to council on the matter. Dear […]