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  • The Trail That Dare Not Speak its Name
    If you believe that pre-existing (ie prior to acquisition by the city) trails in the Blodgett Open Space area should not be referred to as ‘rogue’ in the master plan, please let the plan facilitators know before Feb 18 using this link. No, Lord Voldemort is not a trail builder. But if he were, it… Read more: The Trail That Dare Not Speak its Name
  • What is going on in North Cheyenne Cañon?
    Colorado Springs mountain bike riders cherish North Cheyenne Cañon (NCC). It provides some of the most exciting and challenging riding opportunities in the area. It provides a feeling of remoteness that many of us ride to, right from HOME. Some days it provides hours of inspiring trail experiences, including uninterrupted descents with few other trail… Read more: What is going on in North Cheyenne Cañon?
  • MedWheel’s work on the TOPS program
    It is hard to keep the public’s money working for the public’s good health, clean enjoyment, and safe environment. Immediate needs tempt lawmakers to divert resources away from acquiring new properties, jeopardizing systematic development. To support the TOPS program and its ability to enhance our community as it grows, MedWheel advocates consistently and tactfully for… Read more: MedWheel’s work on the TOPS program
  • Colorado Gives Day – and Gives365
    MedWheel is pleased to be part of Colorado Gives Day – this year on Dec 5 2023 and throughout the year through the ColoradoGives365 program. Here is our individual page on that site. Now through the end of 2023 your year-end donations will be matched by our generous business sponsors. If you set up a… Read more: Colorado Gives Day – and Gives365
  • Fishers Canyon Open Space
    Through the TOPS program, the city of Colorado Springs has acquired a new open space adjacent to Cheyenne Mountain State Park, called Fishers Canyon. Fisher Canyon offers fantastic opportunities to extend the Chamberlain trail to connect into CMSP, access to the (currently hiking-only) Mountain Top and Dragon’s Backbone trails, and will also improve access to… Read more: Fishers Canyon Open Space

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