Bristol-Mesa connector

MedWheel is working with our partners, the Organization of Westside Neighbors, Boy Scouts of America, D11 School District, Uintah Bluffs HOA and other community members, on a trail connection between Bristol Park at Mesa Ave (adjacent to Bristol Elementary School), up to Mesa Reservoir #2 open space.

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Tuesday May 30

Thursday June 1

Completed: April 25 May 4 May 16

This trail connection was part of the original planning department approval for the Uintah Bluffs neighborhood. The pink lines in the above map show the new trail that will be created.

The trail will use a section of the historic El Paso Canal, shown in yellow. The canal provides a glimpse into the past, a fascinating piece community’s history, an engineering vision made reality in the 1870’s by General Palmer’s crews. The Canal was conceived as a way provide water from Fountain Creek to the old north end, and allowing the development of Colorado Springs before the existence of water utilities. Amazingly the canal crossed Monument Creek, which was too inconsistent to meet the needs of our young city at that time.