Board of Directors

The Board steers the organization at a high level. They make decisions regarding staff needs and prepares an Annual Budget. Ours is a working board, and all board members are involved with the initiatives and operation of the org.


The Trails Committee develops plans for trail building and maintenance. This committee works closely with Board of Directors and the Advocacy Committee to identify resources required for our projects, and opportunities to raise community support when needed to gain approval.


This is our outreach group that represents Medicine Wheel at public events, plans online and in-person gatherings, recruits volunteers and creates fun!


MWTA’sAdvocacy Committee represents the interests of mountain bikers and other trail users at public meetings by pushing for trail access and public processes on public lands. We also provide a balanced viewpoint of mountain bike riders to land managers


Our membership committee is currently building out the software needed to better track our members. We also develop strategy to recruit new members, and to engage with our membership base.


MWTA’s Development Committee is responsible for fundraising, including grant writing, individual donation campaigns, business partnerships, and foundational support.


Our ComCom manages MWTA’s social media pages and website. We are responsible for the brand and tone of MWTA’s messaging. We also manage MWTA’s braded material – we have the swag!