Blodgett OS – MedWheel input for the master plan.

This page contains MedWheel’s detailed input to the Blodgett OS master planning process, from 2022-2024. You can check out our general Blodgett page here. You can also learn more on the city’s webpage.

The final draft of the master plan has been released and contains some changes based on input from community meetings and stakeholder input.

Prior to the start of the master plan process MedWheel hosted some informal public input sessions, where we invited users to share their thoughts. These suggestions were consolidated into talking points and trail concepts that were shared with the planning team.

At the August 22, 2023 public meeting for Blodgett, 2 alternative maps were shared and comments were invited.

MedWheel was an active stakeholder throughout the process and we were invited to share feedback on the alternative maps AND the public comments on them. Here are the comments that we provided, incorporating public comments and our discussions with trail and conservation experts.

MedWheel provided additional comments on the Nov2023 draft, here is our statement.

We further emphasized our suggestion to avoid the inaccurate and inflammatory term ‘rogue’ when referring to existing trails that are not planned to be kept in the master plan, in an email to city staff specifically about this topic.

Planning staff changed the wording from ‘rogue’ to ‘illegal’ – not a huge improvement! The latest comments MedWheel has submitted about the plan can be found below.