Blodgett – write to city council to show your support

The Blodgett OS master plan (click the ‘Public Engagement Opportunities’ tab to download the plan) was approved by the TOPS working committee and CS Parks Board. That is the full approval process – however the approval has been appealed by some residents and therefore will now be considered by city council.

This is the ideal time to write to council and let them know you support the plan, and the recommendations to accept the plan that have been made by our citizens’ committees: TOPS working committee and CS Parks Board.

You might consider mentioning:

  • where you live, especially if it’s near Blodgett,
  • how you enjoy Blodgett today, and your vision of visiting it in the future
  • how access to, and conservation of, our community’s natural spaces is important in your life as a resident and taxpayer
  • an observation that this Open Space planning process has been the most extensive ever in our city, with more chances for public input along the way than any previous OS plan. And a note that additional time for more input has already been added into this process.
  • an observation that all of Blodgett was purchased using TOPS funds, which allows our community to acquire and protect open spaces – and to provide public access to them for recreation and enjoyment.
  • if you support the new trail opportunities the plan recommends, mention that.
  • if you support the expansion of wildlife habitat and corridors that the plan recommends, mention that.

Please write in your own words, respectfully, to city council. We recommend including all council members.

District 1 – where Blodgett is located:

At large councilors:,,

Other districts’ councilors,,,,

Learn more about the Blodgett project by visiting MedWheel’s Blodgett Page.