Buckhorn Trail – MedWheel Adoption

Buckhorn Trail – MedWheel Adoption

Trail Love on Buckhorn sunday Jul 14, 2024 – signup coming soon.

Buckhorn trail! Who doesn’t love the Buckhorn climb, it hurts so good….!

Buckhorn is a mainstay of our local trail network and gets regular use including by mountain bikers climbing up to access Jacks, Morgans, or to go further up to Kineo and Jones Park. It is a regular part of the Pikes Peak Apex race, and other events.

MedWheel has adopted this trail and has an agreement with the US Forest Service to perform maintenance each year through our Trail Love program. Due to the heavy use, substantial side slope, and erosive soils, a lot of the maintenance work involves structural rock work to provide long term trail stability

The objectives of this work were to improve drainage and while keeping the character of the trail narrow, technical and challenging. It worked!

As is the case with nearly all of our Trail Love maintenance, we focus on creating a stable tread surface, ensuring reliable drainage, and keeping the trail narrow – reducing temptation for users to ride or walk around and increase the trail width.

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