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Chutes Now Open

Updated Nov 11 2019: 

Closures are finishedall parts of Chutes and Ladders are now open. 

Why was this work necessary? For years, user conflicts especially between fast DH MTB riders and uphill users have made the Chutes a dangerous place to be. As part of the North Cheyenne Canyon Master Plan, the City of COS Parks & Rec agreed to make the Chutes 1-way downhill, and provide another way for users to climb up to Gold Camp road. The new Chutes is safer for all and much more fun!

Don’t miss Upper Chutes’ all new 115’ rock garden, steep armored berms and challenge elements.  Double black diamond rating. 

Lower Chutes feels familiar, but with better linked turns and a variety of jump options.  It is faster, more fun, more sustainable and far safer.  Rated Blue-Black depending how you like it. Everything is rollable.

Watch for 2 way traffic on the Ladders – as always, MTB riders travelling downhill must yield to all other users.  Ladders is multi-usemulti-direction. Gold Path (the 3rd trail coming off the revised Gold Camp road parking lot) is hiking only.   Upper ladders is also a fun descent and links into the top of Lower Chutes if you’re not quire ready for the tech section up top.

The re-route was performed by FlowRide, the same contractor that built the El Pomar Youth Bike Park last year, and more recently, new trails at Floyd Hill.  Upper Chutes rock garden and challenge features were funded in part by a $5000 contributions from MWTA (ie, you!).

If you like the Chutes and want to see more:  Better trail connections, expanded riding experiences in the Peak region, please support MWTA before Dec 31 through Give (direct link to donation site)!

Now more than ever MWTA needs your help to construct and advocate for upcoming trail opportunities in Red Rocks, Cheyenne Canyon, Austin Bluffs & Pulpit Rock, CSU North Slope, Waldo, Ring the Peak and more.

To learn how your donations can be matched 2x, and hear about MWTA’s special events & rewards in the program, please visit the MWTA Give! info page.