Coleman Park – Active Master Planning Process

Norman “Bulldog” Coleman Community Park Master Plan ON NOW!

Should we create a paved bike park in Coleman?

The 3rd and final public meeting for the Coleman Park Master Plan Process was held on Jan 31 2023.

On March 9 2023 an update was presented to the CS Parks board. The draft does not include some key bike and trail amenities that MedWheel suggests should be given further consideration. Updates to the plan are expected, and approval of the plan at a later date will including public input at the TOPS working committee, Parks Board, and city council. The timing for approval is uncertain but it will be brought forward after a new council and mayor are in place.

You can sign up for updates from the plan consultants here.

Please check out MedWheel’s comments to parks board at the March 9 meeting. Stay tuned for more updates.

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