COVID-19 Response and Suggestions

Dear Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates members and supporters of great trails,

In this challenging time of unprecedented public health risk (and economic turmoil), Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates are reminded of how much we value you, our supporters and volunteers.  The health of our volunteers, our partners and our entire community is foremost on our minds at this time.  

Therefore, we are adapting our operations in the following ways:

  1. All MWTA social gatherings have been postponed indefinitely. This one is easy since everything is closed.
  2. All MWTA group trail building workdays have been postponed indefinitely.  Although the risk of gathering outside is less than indoors, group gatherings do not support public health at this time.
  3. All MWTA committee meetings have been moved to online so that we can continue to collaborate while maintaining safe physical distance

At this time, trails in our region remain open for use, and MWTA recognizes the important role of outdoor activities and exercise on our physical and mental health.  We will cooperate with our land manager partners in every way possible to ensure that access to trails is maintained, providing this does not significantly increase the risk to community health.  

Some links for up-to-date information about public health and local trail access: CDC , Colorado Department of Public Heath, El Paso County Health, and COS Parks & Rec.  

As long as it is deemed safe, please continue to use and enjoy our local trails. Please consider these suggestions:

  1. If you are exhibiting symptoms or have been in contact with someone who is (or if you’ve been in a place identified as having community spread), please self-quarantine; don’t risk exposing other trail users.
  2. Avoid crowded trails and trailheads. Ride to the trailhead if you can.
  3. Work with other trail users to maintain the 6’ distance rule.  This may require adjustment to your normal riding style – wait for safe opportunities to pass.  We’re all under some degree of extra stress and need our trail time. Please help others to have a positive experience on the trails.
  4. Ride extra-conservatively – with the health care system about to be overloaded, you don’t want to add to the burden by requiring emergency care.  It’s not the time to finally send that line you’ve been eyeing for years but never tried…..
  5. Ride locally – under the state-wide shutdown, we are not permitted to travel to other locations to get our trail fix. Keep it local.
  6. We expect to see increased trail use, coinciding with a probable decrease in Parks’ staff ability to work in the parks.  Please take extra time to help care for our trails – take the time to pick up trash where you see it, and report unsafe conditions on trails using the GoCOS! App.
  7. During the pandemic and otherwise – DON’T USE MUDDY TRAILS.  If you need to get through a muddy section, ride through the mud, don’t widen the trail. Keep singletrack single.

Some other considerations:

  1. At this time MWTA is suspending our plans for a membership drive and fundraising activities until further notice.  Yes, with the issues we’re all facing, we could say that MWTA has a need for your support that is greater than ever.  And if you have the means, we will always welcome your donations through our website.  But for now, we are working to do more with less and won’t be looking at directed fundraising until things stabilize.
  2. Our business partners need our support to get through the crisis.  How can you help?  
  3. If you are able, consider helping those in need through local groups such as Care and Share .

We value all of our members and supporters and look forward to getting through this crisis and continuing to make the Pikes Peak region an awesome place to ride. We hope to see you (at a safe distance) on the trails.