Fountain Valley School – MTB Trails Development

MedWheel is partnering closely with Fountain Valley School to bring MTB racing opportunities to our region, with a focus on high school and middle school students. Today the Colorado High School Cycling League organizes races for high school students throughout the state – however until now, there have been NO courses serving high schoolers in Colorado Springs, or anywhere on the front range. Middle school racing is even less available. Today, racers and their families along the I-25 corridor always have to travel to mountain towns to race. We are ready for student racing closer to home!

For the last several years MedWheel has been working with Fountain Valley School to create a trails plan that includes a League-compliant course. FVS is a great location for a race course due to its available space, topography, and the enthusiasm of the school to provide racing opportunities in our community. A fully sanctioned league race is scheduled for Sept 21-22 2024, and FVS has already begun hosting informal challenge races – including for middle school racers.

Construction of new trail segments to complete the race course began in 2023 and is ongoing today. MedWheel is excited to be leading this construction, thanks to our partnership with FVS and in large part to the support of the Ryan Knoche Memorial Fund for Trail Construction. Ryan’s fund has allowed us to acquire the Big Pony mini excavator, which has already been a key to creating new trails at FVS.

Check out the FVS trails plan below.