Goose Gossage

Goose Gossage Jump Lines

The jumplines at Goose Gossage Park have been a community asset for over 20 years. They mostly receive minor tune-ups by users while they are riding. MedWheel has collaborated with users at various times over the years to make more substantial improvements.
In 2021, through a GoFundMe campaign by riders AND a fantastic partnership with the city of Colorado Springs Parks Dept., we were successful in getting a water hookup INSIDE the park that makes dirt jump maintenance much easier.

Trail Love Dig Dates: We meet most Wednesday afternoons from 1230pm for digging and riding. Bring your bike, shovel and watering can to help pack and shape jumps, and ride them!

Please support our dirt sponsor – C&C Sand – SiteOne.

Check out a video of new dirt being dropped off at Goose here.