MedWheel supports PPRTA-3 ballot issue 7A

For 20 years and through 2 iterations, the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA) has supported transportation projects throughout the region. Ballot issue 7A proposes a continuation of the PPRTA program, with a new list of transportation projects that will be addressed. A majority of PPRTA-3 funds will be used for roadway improvements, and therefore not central to MedWheel’s mission. However PPRTA-3 also contains several important trail transportation projects and on-street bike connections that will enhance our members’ ability to use safe trail connections to get to trailheads from their homes, which is important for our members. We also appreciate the fact that PPRTA has, since its creation, contained a specific list of dedicated projects, which provides transparency around the use of these funds. For these reasons MedWheel endorses ballot issue 7A and encourages our members to mail in your ballots to approve it.

Here are some specific trail projects listed in PPRTA-3:
Midland Trail
Foothills Trail
Palmer Mesa Trail
Pikes Peak greenway trail
Rock Island Trail
Shooks Run Trail

Sinton Trail including improvements to the Centennial Blvd underpass

On-Street Bikeway Improvements Phase 1 and Phase 2
Proposed bikeway expansions: Improve and construct bike lanes in accordance with the Intermodal Transportation Plan (ITP), and the City of COS Bike Master Plan. Install on-street bicycle lanes and connections to off-street facilities to close gaps on the existing bike network. Improve connections from on-street bike lanes to the Colorado Springs trail system and residential/commercial centers. Develop/implement improved signage to provide better wayfinding for cyclists.

Sidewalk Infill Improvements Phase 1 and Phase 2
Proposed pedestrian improvements will continue to construct missing pedestrian connections along transportation facilities, schools, and neighborhoods and will follow the Operations and Maintenance Division quadrant approach to improve safety and develop/implement improved pedestrian connectivity.

Want more information?

Extend PPRTA Website
PPRTA city of COS website

Descriptions of Proposed Projects
Proposed Projects Map
Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA)

Thank you to our friends at Bike Colorado Springs and the Trails and Open Space Coalition for the collaboration on trails projects in issue 7A, PPRTA-3.