Palmer Park

Palmer Park

Trail Love in Palmer Park Thursday Aug 31 Register here.

Since our beginning, MedWheel has supported trails and mountain biking in Palmer Park. Palmer contains some of the best riding in the city, and for years has had little Parks staff maintenance support, because it’s not a TOPS property. The techy riding in Palmer Park is always a favorite for the Pikes Peak Apex race. MedWheel has worked on Templeton, Cheyenne, Kinnikinnick, Edna Mae, and more.

A bonus is that Palmer’s rocky outcrops often need technical rock repairs, allowing us to add riding challenges, which we love! Check out this video from Trail Love in Palmer Park.

MedWheel volunteer trail work dates back to 1991 in Palmer Park. We have worked in the park nearly every year since then, in collaboration with the park ranger and the Guardians of Palmer Park volunteer group.

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