Public input opportunities

Have your say! Here are ways you can directly get involved with public processes. As a reminder, there is a right time and method for public input to have maximum effectiveness. MedWheel is involved with nearly every public process related to our shared public lands, and we are here to help guide you toward the right way to have your say. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Current active public input processes

Blodgett Open Space – Master plan process – right now the best thing to do is email Parks board and TOPS working committee stating your support of the master plan which contains great MTB trails in balance with our community’s conservation values. Read more here. The plan will be voted on by these 2 boards in April.

Fisher’s Canyon Open Space – Master plan has just begun – the city’s survey is open until March 17, 2024, we need Trail Lovers to take the survey and show strong support for trails in this new awesome open space adjacent to Cheyenne Mtn State Park, Norad and US Forest Service system trails (McNeil trail). Please read more and find the survey link here.

USFS Vegetation Management – Upper South Platte Ranger District – open until Information page.

El Paso County Jones Park master plan – We have made great progress with this plan which has been in draft since 2020. Stay tuned for your chance to provide public input.

Coleman Park – currently on hold, this major community park has biking opportunities and will need public input, stay tuned for the right time to speak up!

Regular trails-related public board meetings in our area

CS Parks board – advises CS city council about Parks topics. Generally they meet once a month on the second Thursday at 730am, at the Parks office 1401 Recreation way. Usually it’s possible to phone into these meetings. Check out published agendas here. Public comment is allowed at the beginning of the agenda for any items NOT on that day’s agenda. Comments are limited to 3 minutes. There’s no guarantee of any action or even a response.

At any time you can email the city’s Parks Board.

CS TOPS working Committee – advises Parks board about issues related to the TOPS tax and program. Check out agendas here. They meet every first Weds of the month at 730am, 1401 Recreation way or by phone. Public comment of 3 minutes on non-agenda items allowed at the beginning and the end of each meeting.

At any time you can email the TOPS WC :

CS City Council meetings are held on the second and 4th Tuesdays at 10am at city hall. Please check out this page for more information. Public comment is accepted *near* the beginning of each meeting but it can be well after 10am when it comes up. Locate your city councilor.

El Paso County Parks Board meets monthly on the second Wednesday of the month. Public comments are allowed at the beginning of each meeting. You can also contact your county commissioner.