Ryan Knoche Memorial Fund for Trail Construction

Ryan Knoche 1977-2019

Ryan Knoche was a well-loved member of the Colorado Springs mountain biking community who passed away in 2019. You can read his obituary here. Ryan excelled in many sports including mountain biking, and while he was racing he came to be known as the “Big Pony”. In addition to his passion for riding and racing, Ryan was a strong supporter of trails. He shared his passion and support of trails with his family and friends, who miss him dearly.

Ryan’s family created a memorial fund after his passing as a way for all who knew him to support his memory and to recognize this impact he had on us. They wanted to use the fund to honor Ryan’s passion for mountain biking and to support the mountain biking & trails, while making a community impact that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

Because of this opportunity, MedWheel has partnered with Ryan’s family to create the Ryan Knoche Memorial Fund for Trail Construction. We are humbled and inspired to partner with Ryan’s family on this initiative, which will enable more rapid expansion of riding opportunities in the Pikes Peak region.

We are beyond excited to announce the first investment made possible with the fund is the purchase of a trail construction machine that we’ve named Big Pony, in remembrance of Ryan. You can learn more about the Big Pony excavator and how we are already using it here.

The fund supports the excavator and a trailer to move it, and maintenance considerations for the future. It also increases the need for more support. We rely on community donations to create opportunities to build new trails, to design the trails, and to manage their construction.  The Big Pony enables us to build some types of trails much more quickly – and will also require staffing to operate it and to manage larger projects. 

If you would like to join us in using Ryan’s Knoche’s legacy to expand trails access, you can contribute to the fund with using this link. Check the box to make your tax deductible donation in honor of Ryan.