Use YOUR voice to direct the future of recreation in Colorado: SCORP ’24

Join us in shaping Colorado’s outdoor future! Every five years, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) develops a comprehensive outdoor recreation plan to maintain eligibility for federal funding through the Land and Water Conservation Fund, and to provide guidance for other state-level actions and investments. The plan is a federal requirement and it’s also a reflection of Colorado’s commitment to advancing recreation in balance with conservation. Colorado’s previous 2019-2023 Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) was developed collaboratively to provide a shared vision. (Note: MedWheel’s work through our Regional Partnership, the OPPI, also plays a part in the state’s plans)

Here is the SCORP survey which takes ~5 min to complete. You will need to create an account with CPW, grrr, but it’s a small inconvenience for this important feedback to ensure that recreation voices are properly heard.

The first 13 questions are very short multiple choice questions. The last two questions, 14 & 15, are open-ended. If possible, please respond to these 2 questions in your own words.

Some suggestions on replies that could help shape the SCORP positively for mountain bikers and trail users:

For Question 7, “How important is it to you that the plan prioritizes sustainable and accessible recreation opportunities?” – We think this is very important.

For Question 13, “How important is it to you that the plan prioritizes diversifying and expanding funding sources for outdoor recreation?” – also very important.

When you get to Question 14, “What successes or challenges have you experienced with any of the 9 objectives above?” – Reflect on recent trail proposals striving to offer sustainable and responsible access that may face challenges in garnering support at the state level, such as the Mad Rabbit Trails Project.

And for Question 15, “What is missing from these priorities? What else should CPW consider in the 2024-2028 SCORP?” – Highlight the ongoing need to prioritize trail-based recreational opportunities across Colorado as a sustainable contribution to our state’s economy. You might mention the strain on current trail infrastructure due to our state’s growing population and interest in recreation. You could include the idea that well-planned and sustainable trail networks actually support conservation efforts and wildlife preservation, by addressing unmet recreational needs and reducing the temptation for users to create their own trails on public lands.

This is one of those opportunities when speaking up now will have a big effect for years to come. Make sure the voice of trail users is heard loud and clear. Survey closes Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2024 at 5 p.m.