USFS Statement about cameras and closure of non-designated trails in Bear Creek.

Please click here to learn about constructive ways to engage with the US Forest Service, rather than harassing or threatening USFS Staff and contractors.

MedWheel received this statement from our partners at the US Forest Service, regarding cameras that were installed on May’s Peak:

Given the recent online harassment, threats, and tampered vehicle that occurred when our contractor, RMFI, was last working in the watershed, we decide that putting in a couple trail cameras at the top of High Drive was valuable in some degree of personal and property safety. This isn’t to spy on anyone, or any particular user group, but hopefully discourages/prevents any future vandalism to workers in the watershed. I plan to pull the cameras once RMFI is done working up there.

We also received this FAQ from the USFS about the recent and upcoming May’s peak closures. This FAQ was sent to members of the Bear Creek Roundtable, of which MedWheel has been a member since its inception in 2012.