(un)Trash your Parks - a Give! challenge

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December 10, 2020 December 14, 2020

Wait, what?  MWTA is planning to Trash the Parks?

Not exactly.....   We are partnering with 2 other orgs in the 2020 Give! campaign, on a friendly challenge.  Along with the Trails and Open Space Coalition, and Rocky Mountain Field Institute, we bring you (un)Trash your Parks.

Our 3 groups all have a slightly different focus, but collaborate throughout the year to take care of the trails, parks and open spaces that you care about.  During Give! we're turning the cooperation into a good-natured competition.  The group that raises the most funds through Give! between Dec 10-14 gets to pick the park - the other 2 groups will dress up in holidays sweaters to clean up trash and waste in that park.

Please help us meet the challenge! If we win, the cleanup will be in Red Rock Canyon, we chose it because of the additional use the park will surely see as a result of the opening of the new Lion's trail.

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