Pulpit Rock DH Scouting and garbage pickup

May 10, 2021

It's time for riders to help MWTA and city park staff design and care for our region's upcoming new MTB amenity - Pulpit Rock DH.

The Austin Bluffs Open Space  Master Plan was adopted in June 2020, and includes a vision for a section of single direction DH trail below Pulpit Rock - to the west, down toward Nevada Ave and i25. MWTA has been asked by the city to provide proposals for an expert-level DH line.  We need your help to identify all the possibilities for riding lines.

Please join MWTA for a "trash pickup", and line scouting session. This event will run rain or shine. 

At this stage there are relatively few constraints so please bring your imagination, now is the time to think big.

In order to operate inside the city and county's regs, please sign up using the city's CERVIS link






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