What Has Medicine Wheel Done For You?

Cheyenne Mountain State Park

During 2002 through 2006, Medicine Wheel designed and built two separate, technical singletrack trails in Cheyenne Mountain State Park, the newest park in the Colorado State Park system. All trails in the park are open to hikers, runners and mountain cyclists. For more information click here and look for the Medicine Wheel trail and the Cougar Shadow trail.

Red Rocks Park

After the City of Colorado Springs bought the property now known as Red Rocks Park, the city held a public master planning process, asking for input on how the park should be developed. Due in part to the efforts of several dedicated Medicine Wheel members, most of the trails in the park are open to mountain bikes. Even better, land was set aside for a dedicated freeride/skills park area in the park. Medicine Wheel has completed construction of the first phase of the skills park, with teeters, skinnys and several structures to challenge riders of all skill levels.

Bear Creek Park Singletrack

In 2007, Medicine Wheel was invited by the El Paso County Parks Department to help with the design and construction of a new singletrack trail network in Bear Creek Park, just west of 21st Street and south of the dog park. MWTA partnered up with Dave Dessell, owner of TrailArts, a private trail building & design company, so that by early 2008, the project was done. Several races were held on the course in the summer of 2008 and everyone is pleased with the result. This is an exciting new development, as it is hoped to be just the first phase of a larger singletrack trail system in the park which will eventually connect with Section 16, Palmer Trail, and the trails in Cheyenne Canon.