Trail Love volunteer Dig Dates

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Trail Love is MedWheel’s volunteer trail care program which has been a foundation of the organization since we began in 1991.

We all love trails because they connect us to the natural world, and provide physical and mental healing. Just as trails heal us, we can heal trails when they need it. Make a date with the trail you love!

Rain and snow, unstable soils, and heavy use all contribute to trail damage over time. Trail Love volunteer dig dates are the solution.

MedWheel Trail Love dig dates are a fun, safe, and satisfying way to give back and spend time with fellow riders and trail users. Dig days include a range of clean ups, drain enhancements, corridor clearing, tread repair and related tasks. Trail Love also includes new construction of approved trails.

MedWheel works with land owners to plan the dig dates and design the work that volunteers perform. We provide the necessary equipment, tools and instruction.

Please bring snacks and water, and dress for Colorado weather. Sturdy, closed toed footwear and long pants are recommended.

2024 Trail Love

In 2024 we will continue new trail construction at Forest Lakes, Fountain Valley School, Concrete Coyote, and we’ll put the finishing touches on the Bristol Mesa trail. Additional new trail construction projects are pending and not yet confirmed. Maintenance Dig Dates are planned (still being scheduled with city staff) for the Chutes, Palmer Park, Red Rocks, Stratton OS as well as at Cresta, El Pomar, Red Rocks and Goose Gossage Bike Parks. We will continue repair work in the Pike National Forest on Buckhorn trail and 715, and on El Paso County trails including Ute Pass Trail.

2023 Summary

In 2023 we completed 35 Trail Love Dig Dates at 14 different locations. Learn more about our 2023 work by viewing our Report Card.

Getting permission to build new trails on publicly accessible land is relatively rare. In 2023 we had success with new trails on 4 ‘private’ properties that offer public access:

  1. Forest Lakes trail – located on the south side of Monument, ~1.5mi of multi-use singletrack adjacent to National Forest, and connecting to the El Paso County’s regional trail.
  2. Bristol – Mesa Open Space connector – a relatively short but important trail connection between Bristol Park at Mesa avenue, and Mesa Reservoir #2 open space. This trail will incorporate sections of the fascinating historic El Paso Canal. In future we plan to address the trail needs with Mesa OS and the area
  3. Concrete Couch’s Coyote Property – Colorado Springs’ newest neighborhood park facility is actually owned by our non profit partners, The Concrete Couch. We created a trails plan for this location and have ongoing construction at the site.
  4. Fountain Valley School – Located near Fountain, Widefield and Blue Stem Prairie, this boarding school has perfect terrain for mountain biking. MedWheel created at trail plan for a Colorado High School MTB Race League course on campus – and races are being scheduled there now! Construction continues in 2024.

We also completed maintenance work in 2023 in Palmer Park and on Buckhorn trail and at Goose Gossage and Cresta bike parks, the Chutes, Austin Bluffs, and more. Check our calendar often as we add new Dig Dates throughout the season.

MedWheel volunteers have performed Trail Love on trails throughout the region including:

  • Palmer Park
  • Ute Valley Park
  • Red Rock Canyon Open Space
  • Stratton Open Space
  • Garden of the Gods Park
  • North Cheyenne Canyon Park
  • Bear Creek Regional Park
  • Cheyenne Mountain State Park
  • USFS trails including Buckhorn, Jacks, 715 and others
  • Lake Moraine trail, CS Utilities north slope
  • Mesa Reservoir #2 Open Space
  • and more

Trail Love opportunities are posted on our website through our Event Calendar. You may subscribe to our google calendar to get notified when new dig days are added.

If you have question or suggestions about Trail Love, please email us info ( at )

All volunteers must sign the MedWheel waiver. Volunteers aged 16-18 must have a signature of a guardian. Volunteers under 16 are allowed with prior arrangement, and must be under the supervision of a responsible adult during the Dig Date. One adult can be responsible for multiple minors but all minors must specify their onsite responsible adult.

If you require documentation of volunteer/community service, this must be arranged beforehand with our crew leaders. Please don’t surprise us with this request after the fact.