“Trail Love”

Hello to all the folks in the Pikes Peak region that use and love our trails.

The trails in this region are truly quite remarkable, but mother nature insists on taking her toll on the conditions of these trails. Also, with the increasing growth of the Pikes Peak region, it is important that we continue to define and invest in the creation of new trails.

Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates, MWTA, has invested much of its time and energy in helping  to maintain and enhance the trails in the Pikes Peak region.  We do this through our Trail Love work days, which run through the spring and summer months each year. These work days range from repairing existing trails and making them more robust and sustainable to cutting new trails that are approved by the associated land managers.

MWTA has a dedicated Trail Committee that is committed to making these Trail Love days happen. The Trail Committee is composed fully of volunteers that love to work on trails. This group is structured to plan and implement the work days, providing trail work expertise, tools and leadership.

The Trail Committee members can’t do this work alone and recognize the invaluable support of volunteers. We welcome any and all to join us on these Trail Love work days, no experience necessary. We offer sign-up on our website, medwheel.org, through our Event Calendar. Volunteers need only show up with proper clothing, snacks, water and enthusiasm for trail work. MWTA will provide everything else, from tools to guidance.

We look forward to working with all the Trail Lovers out there in 2020.