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  • Blodgett OS – MedWheel input for the master plan.
    Prior to the start of the master plan process MedWheel hosted some informal public input sessions, where we invited users to share their thoughts. These suggestions were consolidated into talking points and trail concepts that were shared with the planning team. At the August 22, 2023 public meeting for Blodgett, 2 alternative maps were shared … Read more
  • USFS Statement about cameras and closure of non-designated trails in Bear Creek.
    Please click here to learn about constructive ways to engage with the US Forest Service, rather than harassing or threatening USFS Staff and contractors. MedWheel received this statement from our partners at the US Forest Service, regarding cameras that were installed on May’s Peak: Given the recent online harassment, threats, and tampered vehicle that occurred … Read more
  • Bridging Nature and Community at Forest Lakes
    In a unique collaboration that fuses nature and neighborhood, Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates (MedWheel), with the support of Classic Homes, has undertaken an ambitious trail building project at the Forest Lakes development. The goal: create a trail that threads through the terrain on the edge of Pike National Forest within the picturesque Forest Lakes neighborhood. … Read more
  • Effective Public Engagement in Land Management in the Pikes Peak Region
    To read the USFS’ latest statements about cameras being used to Monitor Mays peak, and about trail closures in Bear Creek please click here. A recent online petition that has over 1000 signatures demonstrates widespread passion and growing interest in trail experiences on local public lands.  At the heart of the petition’s focus on felling … Read more
  • Jones Park letter from 2012
    Since 2012 MedWheel and partners have been requesting the cooperation of US Forest Service and other public agencies, to find balance between trout conservation and trails on public lands.

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