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  • Fishers Canyon Open Space
    Through the TOPS program, the city of Colorado Springs has acquired a new open space adjacent to Cheyenne Mountain State Park, called Fishers Canyon. Fisher Canyon offers fantastic opportunities to extend the Chamberlain trail to connect into CMSP, access to the (currently hiking-only) Mountain Top and Dragon’s Backbone trails, and will also improve access to… Read more: Fishers Canyon Open Space
  • Ryan Knoche Memorial Fund for Trail Construction
    Ryan Knoche 1977-2019 Ryan Knoche was a well-loved member of the Colorado Springs mountain biking community who passed away in 2019. You can read his obituary here. Ryan excelled in many sports including mountain biking, and while he was racing he came to be known as the “Big Pony”. In addition to his passion for… Read more: Ryan Knoche Memorial Fund for Trail Construction
  • The Big Pony Trail Construction Machine
    Thanks to a generous contribution by Ryan Knoche’s family and friends, through the Ryan Knoche Memorial Fund for Trail Construction, MedWheel is pleased to introduce our newest piece of trail construction hardware – a mini excavator trail construction machine. The mini-ex is called Big Pony in honor of Ryan – who was given that nickname… Read more: The Big Pony Trail Construction Machine
  • Colorado Springs eBike updates
    New signs have appeared on Colorado Springs Parks’ properties. What’s the latest on ebike access in our community? These signs reflect the current regulations in our city parks and open spaces. As a reminder, class 1 ebikes are permitted today on our urban trails network, but not on singletrack in our parks and open spaces.… Read more: Colorado Springs eBike updates
  • CS Utilities North Slope – Overview and Trail Closures
    Users please note the trail closures on the North Slope, effective Fall 2023-Spring 2026. We will update this site as additional information about the dam repair and other work is available. For now the full loop around North Cat is not possible because the road across the dam is closed to recreational use during the… Read more: CS Utilities North Slope – Overview and Trail Closures

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