• Blodgett OS – MedWheel input for the master plan.
    Prior to the start of the master plan process MedWheel hosted some informal public input sessions, where we invited users to share their thoughts. These suggestions were consolidated into talking points and trail concepts that were shared with the planning team. At the August 22, 2023 public meeting for Blodgett, … Read more
  • USFS Statement about cameras and closure of non-designated trails in Bear Creek.
    Please click here to learn about constructive ways to engage with the US Forest Service, rather than harassing or threatening USFS Staff and contractors. MedWheel received this statement from our partners at the US Forest Service, regarding cameras that were installed on May’s Peak: Given the recent online harassment, threats, … Read more
  • Bridging Nature and Community at Forest Lakes
    In a unique collaboration that fuses nature and neighborhood, Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates (MedWheel), with the support of Classic Homes, has undertaken an ambitious trail building project at the Forest Lakes development. The goal: create a trail that threads through the terrain on the edge of Pike National Forest within … Read more
  • Effective Public Engagement in Land Management in the Pikes Peak Region
    To read the USFS’ latest statements about cameras being used to Monitor Mays peak, and about trail closures in Bear Creek please click here. A recent online petition that has over 1000 signatures demonstrates widespread passion and growing interest in trail experiences on local public lands.  At the heart of … Read more
  • Jones Park letter from 2012
    Since 2012 MedWheel and partners have been requesting the cooperation of US Forest Service and other public agencies, to find balance between trout conservation and trails on public lands.
  • Jones Park Statement of Support
    Jones Park Statement of Support The individuals and organizations listed below consider themselves stakeholders in trail discussions regarding the Jones Park property. Some have been involved for more than a decade, since before the creation of the CS Utilities Jones Park Roundtable and the El Paso County Parks master planning … Read more
  • Goose Gossage
    Goose Gossage Jump Lines The jumplines at Goose Gossage Park have been a community asset for over 20 years. They mostly receive minor tune-ups by users while they are riding. MedWheel has collaborated with users at various times over the years to make more substantial improvements. In 2021, through a … Read more
  • IMBA Spring Membership is on – join now to win great prizes
    Great trails don’t just appear – they happen because of the support of Trail Lovers like you! Join us to be a part of our great trail projects in the Pikes Peak region. Check out our current and completed trail projects for more info. Oh, the trails you’ll ride! Now … Read more
  • MedWheel-COS Parks Working Agreement
    MedWheel agreement with the city of Colorado Springs Parks Department In early 2022 following several years of discussions with the SuperFriends group, the city of COS Parks proposed a new working agreement (MOU = Memorandum of Understanding) , for volunteer activity on Parks property. MedWheel did NOT sign that agreement … Read more
  • Palmer Park
    Palmer Park Trail Love in Palmer Park Thursday Aug 31 Register here. Since our beginning, MedWheel has supported trails and mountain biking in Palmer Park. Palmer contains some of the best riding in the city, and for years has had little Parks staff maintenance support, because it’s not a TOPS … Read more
  • CS Utilities North Slope Rec Area
    CS Utilities North Slope Recreation Area Updates CS Utilities North Slope property includes the 2 Catamount reservoirs and trails in the area. MedWheel has been actively advocating for additional trails for several years and we’ve developed plans that are approved for some trail improvements (specifically on the Limberpine trail – … Read more
  • Fountain Valley School Trails Plan
    Fountain Valley School Trails Plan
  • Section16 Palmer Trail Rockslide Closure Update
    Good News! The USFS has completed a geotechnical analysis of the area around the boulder fall on the Section 16 trail above Red Rock Canyon Open Space and High Drive. Almost 1 full year after a large rock slide above this trail, the recommendation for this trail is…… proceed at … Read more
  • FAQs about TOPS extension
    Questions and confusion about ballot issue 1 TOPS extension. MedWheel supports Colorado Springs ballot issue #1, the TOPS extension. We have received questions from members about a confusing NO! campaign for the TOPS extension in Colorado Springs that closes by mail ballot April 4.. Here are some clarifications to help … Read more
  • Kent Obee TOPS LTTE
    Kent Obee TOPS letter to the editor From: Kent Obee Sent: Mar 16, 2023 Subject: Letter to the Editor: Ballot Issue 1 — the TOPS Extension I have been a TOPS supporter from the beginning of the program in 1997 and strongly believe TOPS is one of the best things Colorado Springs has done for … Read more
  • Economic Impacts of Cycling in the Pikes Peak Region
    Economic Impacts of Cycling in the Pikes Peak Region study
  • TOPS program
    Colorado Springs TOPS program What is TOPS and what does it do? Initially passed as a citizen’s initiative in 1997, renewed in 2003, revamped in 2013 and currently scheduled to sunset in 2025, the TOPS (Trails, Open spaces and Parks) program might be the most popular and successful tax measure … Read more
  • Red Rocks 2023
    Red Rock Canyon Open Space – 2023 trail enhancements MedWheel is partnering with MTB with Stacy to manage ongoing maintenance and improvements at the skills area in Red Rocks. This facility was constructed in 2005 by MedWheel and has had several upgrades since then. Register here to help us on … Read more
  • Waldo Canyon
    Waldo Canyon Re-Imagine Waldo was a community visioning process that will feed into the formal NEPA process for the US Forest Service property.  NEPA will be the formal USFS process required for re-opening Waldo, which was closed after the 2013 fire.  Just to re-emphasize this point – this was a process to gather … Read more
  • Blodgett Open Space
    Blodgett Open Space – Master plan public process on now. Link to the city’s master plan info page. Link to MedWheel input at the beginning of the process and after the 8/22 public meeting with 2 Alternative maps: here. Here are the Alternative maps that were shared by the planning … Read more
  • OPPI – the Outdoor Pikes Peak Initiative
    OPPI – the Outdoor Pikes Peak Initiative MedWheel is part of the leadership team for OPPI, representing mountain bikers and other trail users in an an important planning process driven by the state. The planning process is being managed by our partners at the Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreation Alliance, PPORA. … Read more
  • RIP Lee Milner
    RIP Lee Milner November 14, 1947 — December 3, 2022 A significant contributor to trails in the Pikes Peak Region and a friend to MedWheel passed away on December 3 2022. Lee Milner will be remembered for his unparalleled volunteer contributions to Colorado Springs’ TOPS (Trails, Open Space and Parks) … Read more
  • What’s up with Pikeview Quarry?
    What’s up with PikeView Quarry? Are we getting a world class bike park? The 2014 COS Parks System Master plan references the need for a world class bike park (check the page labelled 141 – and thank you to all the MedWheel members who participated in the process that resulted … Read more
  • TOPS April 2023 Ballot Issue 1 – Statement of Support
    TOPS program extension – Ballot Issue 1 April 2023 Ballots close April 4, 2023 – VOTE YES ON TOPS NOW! We’ve received questions about a confusing “No on TOPS” campaign – please check out our response here. For more background about TOPS please check here or email us, Below … Read more
  • Coleman Park – Active Master Planning Process
    Norman “Bulldog” Coleman Community Park Master Plan ON NOW! Should we create a paved bike park in Coleman? The 3rd and final public meeting for the Coleman Park Master Plan Process was held on Jan 31 2023. On March 9 2023 an update was presented to the CS Parks board. … Read more
  • MW Give2022 events
    MedWheel Events for Give! 2022. Here are some events we’re hosting in conjunction with Give! These are all excellent chances to meet MedWheel staff and volunteers, and learn about current and upcoming projects. Bring your questions about Jones Park, Blodgett Peak, PikeView Quarry, and our top 3 most exciting new … Read more
  • MedWheel in Give!2022
    Give! Pikes Peak is back!! MedWheel is pleased to be included in the Give! Pikes Peak class of 2022. This is a community-focused fundraising campaign that runs in November and December. Why is Give! the best time to support local community groups? Donate now with this link!
  • MedWheel supports PPRTA-3 ballot issue 7A
    For 20 years and through 2 iterations, the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA) has supported transportation projects throughout the region. Ballot issue 7A proposes a continuation of the PPRTA program, with a new list of transportation projects that will be addressed. A majority of PPRTA-3 funds will be used … Read more
  • Old Stage Road gate proposal – MedWheel Questions
    The city of Colorado Springs has received complaints from the public about vandalism and other criminal activity off Old Stage Road. So far the solution that has been proposed would be to install a ‘time activated gate’. This could impact access to public lands off Old Stage including Frosty’s Park. … Read more
  • Open Space Advocates position statement about a future TOPS ballot measure
    To TOPS Stakeholders & Concerned Citizens:  TOPS is our community’s Trails, Open Space and Parks sales tax, a funding mechanism which has been in place since 1997 and has purchased many of our community’s most valuable and iconic open space assets. TOPS was reaffirmed in 2003 and is currently scheduled … Read more
  • MWTA Board votes to support TOPS issue 2C
    At our October board meeting the Board of Directors of MWTA voted unanimously to support Nov’21 ballot issue 2C, the Trails, Open Space and Parks (TOPS) tax extension and increase. MWTA regularly advocates on issues related to the TOPS tax because we recognize the huge impact TOPS had had on … Read more
  • COS eMTB Pilot ON HOLD – MWTA statement
    In October 2019, Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates (MWTA) conducted a survey regarding the community’s views on eMTB use on Colorado Springs Parks trails, specifically soft surface (singletrack) trails. Based on the results of the survey, which brought to light several themes on all sides of the issue, MWTA recommended a … Read more
  • MedWheel comment on horse poop (yes, really)
    A recent Gazette article once again raised the topic of horse, erm, biological waste on trails. It followed a discussion about the topic raised by a member of the TOPS working committee at their last meeting. While this is assuredly not the most urgent issue facing our trails, and the … Read more
  • Ballot issue #1 – 30 word limit
    Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates’ Board of Directors has passed a resolution in support of the Colorado Springs April 2021 city ballot issue #1. Ballot issue #1 removes the 30 word limit on ballot issues related to tax or debt, putting our regulations in line with the rest of the state. … Read more
  • Med Wheel letter to Manitou Springs City Council about Sheep Mountain
    MWTA statement on the proposal to build sheep mountain trail. If you live in Manitou, or if you visit Manitou and spend money while there, please share your thoughts on this topic with council: email council and OSAC through Planning Staff Member Dylan Becker <> Here is MWTA’s letter to … Read more
  • Revel RW30 Wheelset Giveaway
    Exclusive MWTA-Revel Bikes Young Rider Giveaway Calling all young riders! Who wants to win a brand-new Revel wheelset while supporting our local high school and college mountain biking teams? As part of our Indy Give! fundraising campaign (which runs through Jan 3, 2021), we are giving away a brand new Revel RW30 wheelset, … Read more
  • MWTA Comments on El Paso County Jones Park Draft Master Plan
    Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates have completed our analysis of El Paso County’s Draft Master Plan for Jones Park. The master plan can be found here. El Paso County is accepting feedback through a survey that is open until Dec 23, 2020. Please be sure to have your say! Here is … Read more
  • Med Wheel is in the Bulletin!
    Link to the original article in the Pike Peak Bulletin (Dec 10, page 9)
  • (un)Trash your parks
    More info coming soon!
  • Give! 2020 is on now!
    Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates is excited to be back in the 2020 IndyGive! Campaign with new rewards, greater matching funds AND special prizes for young donors. Give! runs Nov 1- Dec 31 (update: Now on until Jan 3 2021!), and we’re excited to announce this year’s matching grant providers. Your … Read more
  • Tri-Lakes Area Give! Collaborative
    Tri-Lakes Area Give! Collaborative Our collaboration is focused on connecting our community-based organizations to businesses and residents of Monument, Palmer Lake, Woodmoor, and throughout northern El Paso County. All 5 nonprofit groups are returning participants to the 2020 IndyGive! Campaign, and we all value our connections to the Tri Lakes … Read more
  • eBike use on US Forest Service trails – Public Input Requested
    The U.S. Forest Service has released proposed revised directives on eMTB management on USFS land, and is accepting public input until Oct 26. In summary, this document:  re-iterates the existing USFS classification of e-bikes (including eMTB) as motorized vehicles. It now distinguishes between Class 1, 2, 3 categorization Does not … Read more
  • COS Ballot Measures – 2B & 2C, transfer of parkland to private entities
    There are two Colorado Springs questions on the November ballot (Colorado Springs residents only) pertaining to the transfer or sale of Park land from public ownership to private entities. These measures would apply to the majority of Colorado Springs parks and open space with some minor exceptions (less than 2 … Read more
  • MedWheel statement about eBike use on trails in COS Parks property
    Electric bike (eBikes) and mountain bikes (eMTBs) have become commonplace around the world and in Colorado Springs. In 2018, after urging by MedWheel to establish and clarify guidelines for them, COS Parks updated its polices to class 1 eBikes on Tier 1 & 2 trails in the system. These are … Read more
  • Temporary Trail Closure Notice
    Starting October 6th Notice of temporary trail closure of “Intemann Trail” in Red Rock Open Space. This closure is for maintenance on retaining walls between “Waterfall Trail” and “Section 16 Connector Trail”. This trail section will be unavailable for use for an expected period of one week and will be … Read more
  • Support MWTA – by doing what you’re already doing.
    Pursuing our vision of creating a world class network of mountain biking trails in the Pikes Peak Region is a year-round endeavor that requires significant resources.  How do we do it? We are very fortunate in our region to have many trail opportunities, and an incredibly supportive community of trail users … Read more
  • Trail sharing etiquette video
    We are unbelievably lucky to live in the shadows of Pikes Peak, with amazing access to trails. While some trails work better with a single-direction, single-use configuration, most of our trails are shared by multiple user groups. We ALL have a role to play in sharing the trail and reducing … Read more
  • Etiquette: How to Share a Trail
    Most of us live in the Pikes Peak Region because of the amazing access to trails and natural spaces. Getting out into these spaces heals our minds, bodies and souls.  With the state-wide shutdown, our trails are being taxed more than ever. The additional use, including from many new users … Read more
  • COVID-19 Response and Suggestions
    Dear Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates members and supporters of great trails, In this challenging time of unprecedented public health risk (and economic turmoil), Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates are reminded of how much we value you, our supporters and volunteers.  The health of our volunteers, our partners and our entire community … Read more
  • MWTA e-bike survey
    Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates is conducting a survey of trail users about e-bikes. Here is a link to our survey – please complete it and encourage other trail users to also. Why are we doing this? MWTA believes that all trail users must be part of any decision to expand … Read more
  • MWTA Communications Survey Results
    Thanks everyone who completed our recent Communications Survey Your feedback enables us to serve our members better.   Here is a summary of what we learned. Based on your suggestions, we will focus on using email and Facebook to get information out to our members. We will investigate the best ways to … Read more
  • Austin Bluffs, Pulpit Rock, University Park OS Master Plan
    Scheduled Trail Love Dig Date in Austin Bluffs: Sat Oct 21, 2023. In 2019, COS Parks staff and Timberline consultants hosted the 3rd and final open house for the Austin Bluffs Open Space (ABOS) master plan. In 2020 the plan, which covers Austin Bluffs, Pulpit Rock and University Park, was … Read more
  • MWTA is in Give! 2019
    Give! is a local charity campaign featuring 100 local nonprofit organizations, running through December 31, 2019.  If you love trails like the new Chutes, Lake Moraine/Missing Link, Codell Trail in Red Rocks, Ute Valley DH… and many more, there has never been a better time to show your support. Through … Read more
  • MWTA Communications Survey
    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]   Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates are overhauling our communications processes, to better meet the needs trail users in the Pikes Peak region. Our newly formed Communications Committee wants to understand what kind of information you want, and how to deliver it to you. So, we’re offering a chance to … Read more
  • Trail Status update: The Chutes is OPEN (and fantastic)
    Updated Nov 11 2019:  Closures are finished, all parts of Chutes and Ladders are now open.  Don’t miss Upper Chutes’ all new 115’ rock garden, steep armored berms and challenge elements.  Double black diamond rating.  Lower Chutes feels familiar, but with better linked turns and a variety of jump options.  … Read more
  • Advocacy Advisory- US Forest Service Motorized Travel Plan Open House Oct 11
    We’ve had lots of questions about this US Forest Service process.  Background: in 2009, the USFS adopted a network of existing routes into their system.  They were sued for NOT completing a NEPA when the roads and trails were adopted. This process is a response to that suit. The abstract … Read more
  • More legal action in Bear Creek/Jones Park
    Last week MWTA received notice of another ‘Notice of Intent to Sue’ from the Center for Biological Diversity, sent to the US Forest Service. The subject of this CBD notice is essentially the same as the lawsuit in 2012 that resulted in the re-route of 666 and other trails … Read more
  • Chutes Now Open
    Updated Nov 11 2019:  Closures are finished, all parts of Chutes and Ladders are now open.  Why was this work necessary? For years, user conflicts especially between fast DH MTB riders and uphill users have made the Chutes a dangerous place to be. As part of the North Cheyenne Canyon Master … Read more
  • Trail Love at Bear Creek Regional Park
    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] One of Medicine Wheel’s first few trail construction projects was a network of trails in Bear Creek Regional Park. Completed in 2007, the trails came to known as the Bear Creek Terrace. The trails are used extensively by young aspiring mountain bikers from nearby high school mountain bike teams. … Read more
  • Medicine Wheel Shifts Into High Gear
    MWTA announces organizational changes.
  • Medicine Wheel Shifts Into High Gear
    Colorado Springs-based mountain bike advocacy group Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates has begun implementing a plan for significant expansion.  In response to rapidly increasing popularity and demand for mountain bike trails – especially the Lake Moraine Trail on Pikes Peak, formerly known as the Missing Link –  the number and scope … Read more
  • Spring 2019 Membership Drive
    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Prize Packages By renewing your IMBA/Medwheel membership or by becoming a new member, you are eligible to win some cool stuff. Below are descriptions of the prizes you might win from IMBA. Package 1 – vacation One (1) Mach 6 Carbon Race XT (Total estimated value $5199 USD) Two … Read more
  • The Making of the Lake Moraine Trail
    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] AKA the Missing Link [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text] The Saga Begins 1989-1999 Jim Schwerin and Harry Hamill (two long time Medicine Wheel Volunteers) , after riding Elk Park then down Barr, or down Longs Ranch Road for several years, link up a bunch of historic squiggles on the Pikes Peak Atlas.  … Read more
  • End of Trail Season Hootenanny!
    The end of the trail building season is soon upon us (although mother nature will make that final call). Come joing us for our first ever Hootenanny! See the events page for details.
  • Spring 2017 Newsletter
    Our latest newsletter outlining our successful IndyGive 2016 campaign, our State Trails Grant to complete the Missing Link Trail and much more, is now available by clicking the link below. Spring 2017 Newsletter
  • El Paso County MTB meeting Nov 28th – meeting notes
    by Cory Sutela, President, Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates Tim Wolken from El Paso County (EPC) Parks convened a meeting at Bear Creek Regional Park on Nov 28.  The meeting was set up so that EPC Parks could explain its plan regarding Jones Park and other EPC properties, and also for … Read more
  • MWTA IndyGive Instagram Photo Contest
    Hey riders, here’s a chance to show your creativity. We are trying to improve our Instagram presence, and raise money through Indy Give! to build the Missing Link.  We need your help and invite you to participate in our photo contest. Enter to win fabulous daily prizes including shirts and hats from SRAM, … Read more
  • Missing Link Status Update
    Although Medicine Wheel and volunteers have made great progress on establishing a trail corridor, we want to emphasize that the trail is not yet open. We still have a great deal of field work to do along with regulatory procedures which we will work on over the winter. The landowner, … Read more
  • Ranks COS #1 Editorial Team member and local resident John Fisch, ranks Colorado Springs as the BEST mountain bike city in Colorado. Here is his first installment of the three part series on great rides in the Springs. Riding the Springs, Part 1: Palmer Park
  • Joint Trail Work with Friends of Ute Valley Park
    MWTA has joined forces with the Friends of Ute Valley Park. We plan to work with this great group of volunteers to continue construction and re-routing of the Ridge Trail which runs along the spine of the western-most “hogback” in the park. Work sessions will be every 1st and 3rd … Read more
  • New Santa Fe Trail Re-opens
    At long last, the portion of the New Santa Fe Regional Trail is open again through the Air Force Academy. The trail has been closed for over a year due to heightened national security concerns and damage to the trail from last year’s heavy spring floods. Tim Wolken, El Paso … Read more
  • Medicine Wheel’s Position on the Broadmoor Land Swap
    Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates, Inc. President Cory Sutela provided MWTA’s position regarding the Broadmoor/City of Colorado land swap to City Council members via email on May 23, 2016. Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates, a chapter of IMBA, is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to create, sustain and advocate for quality … Read more
  • Medwheel Receives REI Co-op Grant
    Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates was selected to receive a $7,500 grant from REI in support of this year’s signature project – The Missing Link Trail. We will post more about this amazing project in the coming weeks but it will be one of the most ambitious projects we have undertaken … Read more
  • Chamberlain Trail Re-route
    This trail reroutes the previous ‘convenience’ trail that followed the utility fence line around Gold Camp reservoir and then descended the utility service road. This was an un-inspiring and mundane connection between two great parks. The new 1.2 mile trail runs in an elevated position above Gold Camp reservoir.  It … Read more
  • Alternative Route Section 16
    The City of Colorado Springs will be building an alternative route to the Section 16 Trail, beginning on Tuesday, April 8th. This new trail will run parallel to the existing Section 16 Trail, providing an alternative way to get into Red Rock Canyon/Section 16. It’s a bike friendly alternative to … Read more
  • The Missing Link Trail
    The South Slope Watershed lands consist of approximately 9,000 acres located on the south slopes of Pikes Peak, at elevations ranging from 10,500 feet to over 12,000 feet. This incredible property has been closed to public access for over 100 years. Recently, Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) and the City have … Read more