Fishers Canyon Open Space

Through the TOPS program, the city of Colorado Springs has acquired a new open space adjacent to Cheyenne Mountain State Park, called Fishers Canyon. Fisher Canyon offers fantastic opportunities to extend the Chamberlain trail to connect into CMSP, access to the (currently hiking-only) Mountain Top and Dragon’s Backbone trails, and will also improve access to adjacent Pike National Forest Property.

The city is embarking on a planning process for this space and has created a website for it here.

Prior to the TOPS acquisition, the MedWheel team scouted the property with city staff, and although it’s not currently used much for mountain biking, we are very excited about this new addition to our trail system.

We will update this page as more info becomes available – check back often. If you have suggestions about Fishers Canyon, especially if you are familiar with the property, we welcome your input as we work through the master planning process.